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Is there a fear of burglary?

Well ever since i remember i used to be scared at the slightest noise if i heard something i would convince my self there was a burgerlar downstairs and that he would come and get me so i used to cover my ears and close my eyes and hide under the cover nearly suffocating my self! when i got hot sometimes i would never put my legs out as i was scared someone would come and chop them off it has got worse as i have got older and every time i get ready for skwl there is a window next to me and i am scared someone will pop up in a balaclaver also whenever i go into the bathroom i always have to check behind the shower curtain just in case someone is there! please help do i have OCD or i am i just really scared????

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    Okay, so let me just start by saying I had something similar to this when I was about twelve. I had a horrible, horrible fear that someone was going to break in and kill my family. Because of it, I developed OCD and insomnia.

    You are not alone. It sounds like you could have a type of general anxiety disorder. It will help if you talk to your parents about it. I did, and we ended up getting a dog which helped me tremendously. If you can't talk to your parents or siblings, then see a psychologist, whether at school or a professional practice. The best thing you can do for yourself is to relax. Google relaxation techniques. You can't let this take over your mind, because it will compromise your health in the long run.

    Good luck. :)

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