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Explain four methods by which the market for clothing can be segmented?

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  • Glinda
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    Outerwear (coats)

    Sleepwear (pajamas)

    Athletic wear (ski wear, yoga clothes, tennis clothes, bathing suits)

    Formal wear (tuxes, prom dresses, wedding dresses)

  • Anonymous
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    autoclaving - uses high temperatures and high pressure to kill bacteria heat can be dry or moist - each behaves slightly differently and works better on different things both take much longer than autoclaving I guess you could use chemicals but i'm not sure if that would fully sterilize something Can't think of anything else but I know there are more methods. We discussed several in my microbiology class but that was a year ago.

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  • 8 years ago

    For babies, children, adolescents, middle aged, office goers, retired persons again

    for villages ( rural areas ) Urban area, Cities again can be segmented for poor , middle class, rich etc.

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