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When a school suspends sorority/fraternity members from activities, what does that mean

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    8 years ago
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    When a school implement a ban it means that fraternity or sorority cannot recruit new members for a certain period of time. Usually 5 years ban is implemented so that club will no longer be able to recruit new members for 5 years. Essentially an indirect way to killing a club as most students will graduate within 5 years. Also there will be school sent personnel to check and search that fraternity and sorority often for violations. Basically worst thing that can happen since it makes other branch look bad.

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    Fraternity/sorority suspension can mean different things...

    1. Chapter suspension is when the national organization or school suspends certain activities of the whole group. Sometimes it can be specific like social or recruiting suspension-which is a way to force the members to conform to the standards. A social suspension would stop any social activities, essentially reducing the calendar to academic and brotherhood/sisterhood this increases the grades and good behaviors of the group while preventing then from having parties, trips, sports etc which lead them into trouble. A recruiting suspension is similar to what the other poster essentially reduces the size of the chapter in order to close the chapter or decrease the number of members to a controllable size.

    2. Individual suspension-this only applies to one member and is usually a stop-gap measure when a member is back-sliding in academics or leadership responsibilities or is somehow not living up to the standards. Individual suspensions are usually short (one term) and are a precursor to more stringent sanctions like expulsion.

    Source(s): Sorority advisor
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    That's not particularly ambiguous. It bars the individual from any participation in the activity.

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