My mom needs help getting over her husband?

This is mainly to sheloves_dablues and my mom has ASKED me to be there for her and she doesn't know what to do so I am helping her because she needs it. If I weren't here she would be more of a emotional wreck than she already is. My dad fell in love with another woman in California and we moved to Michigan and if my dad chooses to go to the other woman than I think my mom should start to get over my dad as soon as she can so that she can be happy. I know that I'm not married to him (sheloves_dablues) but they are my parents and its my business because if I weren't here then they wouldn't be together anymore. I want my mom to be happy. And she doesn't know how to get over my dad and I don't know what to tell her. Please don't say anything about "butting out" because I need help and I need something to tell her. Not snotty advice. Thanks I'm advance :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    the only thing you can do for your mother is be there & listen. when you've been with someone as long as they have, you dont just get over it ~ it takes months & sometimes years. but,. day by day she will get a little better. i compare it to someone dying because it is a tremndous loss..... good luck!

  • Theres a saying that goes don't ever chase after men or buses because there's alway another on the way. You dad has to decide what he's going to do because the choice is his unless your mom decides to let him go. You can't keep someone that doesn't want to be kept. So if I were in that position I would tell my mom to pack her stuff and leave him. It will be hard of course because feelings are not like lightswitches, we can't flip them on and off. But she has to be strong and she has to stand up for herself. If he's fallen in love with someone else it is only a matter of time before he decides that hes leaving.

  • 8 years ago

    Your Dad is missing out on the most important thing in the world his caring child you as for your mom tell her to steady the wave he that will love her the best and carry this family will be there soon pray on it, tell dad you love him and miss you mom needs new activities a new look maybe a vacation with friends her JOY is hers and no one Has the authority to steal it take you love back from him and give to another hold heartly.

  • 8 years ago

    Whatever your choice you do so because your decision will make you comfortable.

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