should bank robbery be legal for the sake of people's right to choice ,that way it would be safer to do it?

ok, first of all i would like to state that i would never rob a bank, however, i don't have any right to tell another person whether they can rob a bank... Having said that... i believe that bank robbery should be legal because people who rob banks are exposed to many dangers.. besides, bank robbery is going to exist regardless if it is legal or illegal, so why not make bank robbery legal? remember, laws have changed through history.. there was a time when slavery was legal but now it is illegal.. similarly, the laws regarding bank robbery can be changed.

what are your thoughts.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Nice try, but big fail. Robbing a bank is like robbing anything else. You are taking something from one person without their consent. A far different matter from owning something, like, oh, say a car, or a hammer, or hmmm. maybe a gun. All three are capable of inflicting harm and death. Cars kill tens of thousands a year.

    Look at it another way. Any law which is broken by the majority of people, or is unenforceable, is a bad law. Bad, because it erodes respect for the law. Bad, because criminalizing a behavior most people consider acceptable(say smoking, or drinking alochol, or smoking marijuana) creates a glut of criminals that clog the justice system. Look at how many drug possession convicts fill the prisons. Remove most of them, and suddenly the system is not overcrowded.

    Ultimately, it's a matter of you should have the right to do what you wish, up to the point where someone else is criminally hurt. Being a drug addict is not illegal, or possessing drugs should not be, but giving drugs to a minor(legally unable to make informed decisions on their own) or robbing someone for money for a hit should be and is illegal. there is no problem if you choose to drink. If you hurt or kill someone after doing so, you are punished for the results of your decision to drink.

    This makes the world a bit less safe. But still infinitely safer than abdicating all our rights in the name of safety.

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