Gifts for teachers at the end of the school year?

Any ideas? I'm cyber schooled, so it has to be sent in the mail. So nothing that is going to cost tons to send. I have about 6 teachers. I want to make it also, by the way. Any ideas? I have 2 male teachers, the rest are female. The art teacher I want to send earrings. (she always seems to wear big ones that dangle in chat) The math teacher is into skateboarding.

English teachers, I have two in a way. A few students got a new teacher in the middle of the year because of the old one had too many students... so I'm not sure if I will be sending both of them something)

Thanks! :D


I like all my teachers. They are awesome. :) Especially considering this is my first year with more than one teacher I'm amazed that I got all good teachers. Lol my brothers are constally complaining about theirs though. :P

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    I think it is great that you are showing appreciation for your teachers for their hard work. Many teachers do not get feedback from their students & even more so with those in distance education.

    I do not know what your budget is, but any distance teacher can always do with another fłashdrive or if you do not wish to spend that much, another fłashdrive case. I believe you can get a nice case for under $10.00. You can order either fłashdrive or fłashdrive case online to be mailed to your teacher's address.

    Another present would be to get gift cards for Amazon or where you can get selections for electronic products accessories & other items, at reasonable prices. They have a catalogue to browse through.

    I hope my suggestions helped.

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    I don't suggest getting gifts for every single teacher you have. That's just me. It costs too much and some teachers just don't deserve it (haha), and the gifts can't be too expensive which puts restrictions on it. I'm in 8th grade in middle school, so at the end of the year this year I'll get my favorite teachers something I know fits their personality because I know them well. My science teacher is really into the Big Bang Theory (show) so I'm getting him a t shirt. My social studies teacher always wears awesome ties so I'll probably get him a tie. But the fact that you want to make it puts on lots of restrictions. If i were you and I really wanted to make them, I'd just bake cookies or brownies or something. Don't go overboard if you're making them, but I strongly suggest buying things to their interest.

    Good luck.

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    i think of that's an superb thought, based on the present. I plan on procuring my daughters instructor a modern card on the tip of the year. i think of she's an particularly good instructor and my daughter has discovered a lot from her. i choose to coach her our appreciation for being an particularly good instructor to my daughter. i bypass to purchase a modern card from Starbucks, a activity save or objective. something which would be useful to her. college officers are not interior the college room coaching "our" toddlers, so as that they shouldn't dictate what a parent desires to do for the instructor. merely my opinion!

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    Gift Bag

    with some of thier favorite candy and snacks

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