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I need help getting out of a family BBQ.?

I am 14 and have a huuggee crush on a girl that is from another school. She does not even know I exist. A friend that goes to the school of my crush is inviting me to hangout with him, some hot girls, and my crush. My Mom (very stubborn) has a BBQ she wants me to go too. And it is on the SAME Friday!!! What can I do!! I really want to hang out with this girl. I might have a chance. PLEASE HELP. 10 points if you help!! :)

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    tell the girl maybe next time, and go to the BBQ Girls don't go for needy boys, they don't want a male that jump through hoops to be with them. Girls are into the hard to get types, who seem to have more to life to do than just hanging out with them. (that only leads to the friend zone)

    Get some balls talk to her at school wen you have free time. Keep it short, start it off with a joke. then go on with your day.. do this again a few days later.. slowly start talking to her more. This is how you draw her in.

    The rest is trial and error. Good luck.

  • 8 years ago

    Tell your mom you have a school project that you need to work on n your staying after or just say mom I would love to go to your bbq but I want to hang out with girls

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    8 years ago

    Sorry kid, family before your horniness. Plus your 14 so maybe your mom doesn't want you hanging around girls, theres lots of times so relax

  • 8 years ago

    just tell her you are going out with friends. make sure you say something to balance like doing chores or going out with her another day

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