HOW do I get hair like this?

I have naturally wavy/somewhat curly hair.... but unfortantly it's frizzy, sometimes. I want to get hair like this girl:

I just love that hairdo. Would I have to get a perm, or like a small curling iron or something. Please help. Thank you!


I want to have this all the time btw.

Update 2:

@Chantel- OMG I'm a Directioner as well!!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    omg Danielle peazer!!! I love herr! & her hair, (sorry I just had to say this/I'm a directioner :P lol) but I would use TreSemme conditoner/shampoo wash your hair, but leave some conditioner in your hair, so it won't be frizzy, get some curling gels, oil, and make sure your hair is damp, not dry, & put the products in your hair while it's wet, because if its dry, it may result in frizziness. Also a perm will really help your hair with the natural curly style! Because the perm keeps it silky, and straight, and better progress with getting nice curls in your hair. Also DO NOT BLOW DRY YOUR HAIR! ALL IT DOES IS MAKE FRIZZINESS! What I do is, put a lot of product in my hair while I'm still in the shower. Also using texturizers work, too i hope i helped.

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  • 8 years ago

    The girl in the picture probably has naturally tight curls, but there's a couple of ways to achieve this look without getting a perm, which I recommend. A perm can be very damaging to your hair, but if you want this look all the time then it may be the way to go.

    Just experiment with these techniques below at home so you know what it will look like before going out in public. Keep experimenting until you find what works for you. It may take a couple of tries.

    The videos below are similar techniques but use different tools for creating the curls. It is the best way to achieve the tight curls that you want. Typically a curling iron won't give you the tight curls you want and they tend to relax after a while. The videos below are a great way to achieve those tight, natural looking curls that you're going for if you decide not to get a perm.

    Check out these YouTube video tutorials:

    Using Aluminum Foil:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Using Flexi Rods:

    Youtube thumbnail

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    Ahhhh!!! I love Danielle soooo much!! Lol. I think it depends on what type of naturally curly you have. (You should post a photo of yours. If your hair is tight curls like hers, you can do this. Okay so I'll tell you what I do with my hair (my hair is like hers naturally.) I wash my hair normally but I don't rinse the conditioner out all the way. When I get out of the shower, I scrunch it a bit with a towel just so it's not soaked then I put leave in conditioner in it (usually about three quarter sized drops but depending on your hair you may need more or less.) then I use a diffuser to dry it and scrunch while I dry for body. If you air dry (like I do if I don't feel like using heat) it will look similar to hers but it will be flatter. Once it's dry about 80% through you can air dry the rest of the way be aide it will most likely start to get frizzy. If it does, just either slightly wet that area and put a bit more product in or use anti frizz serum :) hope this helps!

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    8 years ago

    It would be easier to get a perm. It would take at LEAST an hour to curl that many small curls. It depends on how much time you have on your hands and how often you want to wear your hair like that.

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