My boyfriend is acting strangly..?

well weve been goin ou for almost 3 months and im only 13 so its not too serios, ee had a fight 2 days ago over somthing stupid but we got over it and hes bringing up all the bad things that have already happend. I know you think im a stupid little 13 years old that says I love you I wanna spend all my life with him ahhhh! well no. after that hes complaining about evreything amd snapping at the smallest things. ive said it to um but hes not changing! I do love him but before all that we were like bestfriends for ages insepratable and hes been there for me when I needed um, but he dosnt like any of my friends and dosnt like when I see them, and insists I dot hang round wi other boys. youve probably guessed hes a bit clingy..he wasnt like this before! should I be worried?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes, you should be worried. These are warning signs. Talk to your parents or school councilor about it and see if they have some good advice, I assume they know both of you.

    There will be many boyfriends in your future. Hang around your other friends more, him less. If you let him try to control you, it's a path that will lead to worse boys in the future.

    Believe in yourself most of all!

  • 8 years ago

    Dump him. Get over him. Find someone else. Plus you have school to worry about not boys. I'm same age as you. My bf and i say education is first. We get along fine and happy lasted you about.. 3 years so far...

  • if hes acting like that then leave

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