How much to rent the venue in Scottsdale? HELP Wedding!!!?

I am planning my wedding for next year in March. I want to have it at THE VENUE in scottsdale. How much is it to rent it out for about 500-700 people ? Anybody throw any event here that knows please answer?!!!! Please and thank you

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  • 8 years ago
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    I looked at the floor plans of The Venue on their website. Will that place accommodate 500-700 people? It looks really small. I'd contact them to see if your guests would be "legal" (fire safety) in that building.

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    The Venue Of Scottsdale

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    that venue does not just have a rental fee for the venue. they charge according to how large your group is and what day of the week you need to use it and which food and drink items you order so there is no way to tell how much the cost would be unless you contact them directly and ask for a price quote.

    i have to say that if you are throwing a wedding for that many guests, you really should not have any issues with cost because no matter what venue you use, you are going to be spending at least 25000 dollars just on food and drink for that many guests, so if you can afford to do that, the cost of the rental of any venue will really be the least of it.

    i am a wedding planner and i would never recommend using The Venue for such a large group for something like a wedding. it is too chopped up and the only way the main open area would be large enough to hold that many people is if you have them all standing, cocktail party style, which is not a good plan for a wedding since weddings typically have elderly friends and family members in attendance who cannot or don't want to stand the entire time.

    i would use a hotel or country club or one of the various mansions or resorts in the area which can house your guests all in one open area so they will not be divided up.

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    The Venue Scottsdale is a great place for weddings. I had my own there. Look at the web site for more pictures, but the facility is not at all choppy. I did my ceremony in the upstairs ballroom (which was free) and then my reception in the courtyard and set up the Billiard room like a casino. It had a huge stage which held my huge band and plenty of room for a dance floor. I think I remember their seated capacity to be 650. My elderly grandparents loved the venue, being form Italy they really appreciated the latest remodel. They also had no problem moving about it. I'ts no longer "Bourbon Street" but more Italian Villa style now. I would highly recommend them. They do not have a facility fee, but they do have various pricing depending on what kind of menu you want. Obviously if you want a plated filet mignon it's going to be expensive, but for mine we did a buffet with passed appetizers and it was around 60 per person, including wedding cake and champagne. My bar tab was high because I did it open for like 4 hours, but they were always really considerate of my budget and offered me many options. If you don't want to do the boring hotel ballroom and want your guests to actually have fun, I totally recommend the Venue!! Ask for Deanna, she's awesome!

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    8 years ago

    You need to call the place and ask to talk to their events coordinator. That's when you get not only the correct answer to your question but also find out all the other important details.

    Even if someone on YA had just held a reception there, prices can always change and you will need to know much more information than a price.

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