Why did he suddenly change?

We're good friends and I have a crush on him.

I used to dislike him because of his attitude. We have this bible study group and he skips alot. After the winter break, I asked all of the bible study group to gather. He came. That day I told everyone that this bible study are not just gathering and so on but an opportunity to share with others and learn about the Bible, I asked them all not to skip bible study.

He came to the next bible study and amazingly he said that he used to skip since he thought that it's only a waste of time. I felt happy when he said that he wants to change and know God better. Since that time, I started to like him...

The next days, during easter holiday, we spent a lot of time with the bible study group. We went swimming, we cooked and hang out toghether.

He treats me nicely and we kinda flirt with each other.

- One day I brought my fav. drink and he asked if he can try it. The next day when we were gathering with the group, he bought me my fav. drink.

- He accompanied me home when it was late and when the other guys said " I'm too tired...heheh"

- He realized when I was wearing different make-up and teases me "are you wearing make up?" and smiled.

- He calls me by name, not "you"

- He'll always be the first to answer my texting on our group-chat

- He annoys me a lot and act very silly

- He gave me his attention when I was looking on his direction but did not mean to look at him

- He copies me

- He tried to get my attention when I ignored him

- We tease eachother a lot

- He always play badminton with me when we are playing double against our friend. He once asked my partner to switch place with him so he can play with me.

- He used to like my blog postings

But these past few days... he changed. He ignored me and didn't even say hi when we pass each other at the college hall. (btw, we're both 20). Even today, I was talking with my friend and he just pass between us without saying hi or anything. He used to get my attention when I ignored him in college hall. Like for example approaching me while I was talking to some friends and he'll try to kick my feet to make me tripp and he'll smiled "hehehe..."

When I tried to break the ice and say "hi handsome (his name)..." and wave, he waved back but then he said "Jeeezz... who's handsome?!" He seems to be annoyed that I call him handsome. He looked away after that and walked away. I said "Fine than...if you don't want to be called -handsome- than fine!!" I ignored him and talked again with my friends.

Then, we were changing rooms and I was waiting in front of the door to wait until everyone goes out. (It was his class). When he walked out of the classroom, I didn't say hi or even look at him. I was texting my bestfriend... but I can see from the corner of my eyes that he looked at me but walked away.

He never wants to play badminton with me again and chooses to play with another girl to play against me and my friend. He never replies my message on group-chat anymore.

I just wanna ask why did he suddenly change... why is he ignoring me after what we've been through? Why did he suddenly act cold? Did I flirt too much? Did he found out that I have a crush on him?

But when I think about it, he's the one who starts with the flirting and silly actions...so I can't be blamed on "too much flirting".

What do you think?

Please give me answeres on what you think. No "go ask him why" or "just ask him" or those kind of answers.

I'll really appreciate it.

Thank you soo much.

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  • 8 years ago
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    PHEW! Very long!

    "He used to get my attention when I ignored him in college hall."

    I wanted to bring this that you wrote to some attention. WHY do you ignore him? You've done this on a number of occasions. When you do that you damage the relatiosnhip you have with a person. If there is someone you know and are on good terms with, you should always allow them to feel comfortable around you and not as if they are intruding or have to work hard to get or earn your attnetion. a quick smile or hi would be been okay if you were busy or talking with someone. But all these ignore games you're doing probably did mean something to him.

    But as far as why he ignored you, that's not something I can tell you and speak for him about becuase there could be so many, many, many reasons or reasons we'd never think were the cause.

    Maybe he felt alone in trying to keep up the friendship. Maybe he felt you brought no equal amoutn of effort.

    Mayve he just got tired of you

    Maybe he's trying to get attention from you in the wrong way but all it's doing is pushing you back

    Maybe he's trying to get you chase after him.

    Maybe he's interested in something else.

    Maybe it was something you said that he misunderstood or something you did not do that disappointed him.

    He probably heard something about you that was not true

    He could be going through a difficult time

    Probably does not feel like he can compete to win you

    So many reasons...

    But give this to God. He knows what's going on and with him, you shouldnt worry about anything anyway.

  • 8 years ago

    maybe he feel that he's changing his whole views on life by accepting God and he doesnt want to feel like anyone could change his mind... but thats unlikely

    whats more likely is that someone is causing trouble between you two- look back at what happened in the last few days, did you say or do anything thats too much? or did someone tell him something bad?

    also you have the right to know why he's being like this, ask around about whats going on- but dont ask those that will tell him that your paying attention to him

    and maybe he just wants attention so he decided to do this play...

    i dont know X_X

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