Help Me Understand A Teen Boy's Mind Please?

My ex bf and I are both 15. We dated 3 months and he dumped me last night. I thought things were great. Now looking back there were tons of signs over the past few weeks that he was getting ready to move on. he just said I'm ready to move on but with no real reason for the break up other than "I don't love you anymore" I don't get it. We had fun, we hung out at school, we are both the same in looks (he's not more cute/popular/etc) I never nagged him. Only once I brought up a small problem (he flirted with other girls and I called him out) His friends seemed to like me. I never pressured him to "stay with me forever" I figured we would call it quits at the end of the school year and chill out by ourselves for the summer. He didn't seem like a player type who can get any girls. As a matter of fact he said he only had one other girl for like a week before I came along. I guess I'm just sitting here asking myself this...."are you wanting a different girl" because its the end of the year so there's no "new" girls on the horizon. Most of his friends have girlfriends so it's not like he was feeling pressure to hang with the guys more. As a matter of fact I just introduced his friend to one of my friends and I thought we could all hang out together as they really hit it off!! I'm just struggling with went the heck happened?? Soooo, is it just immaturity? Another girl? Or because I wasn't "putting out"? Just got bored? It's just mind boggling and since he didn't offer any real reason I'm left sitting here wondering what just happened!! Please help me understand why someone would just throw out a relationship and friendship??? Thank you in advance!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Silly girl,

    i just think that he is being honest.from your description,he seems like a regular guy,who wants to have fun.don t overthink just were not right for him.having said that, you must not think that you were at did everything right, so it seems.

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    8 years ago

    No sweetheart, it's not becuas eyou didnt "put out". You were VERY smart not to give in to that. Because a very special guy will be so glad you waited for him. And he is waiting for you too.

    Sometimes guys get bored. Not that it makes it right, I'm just telling you the truth. But I want to remind you that there are Billions of guys on this planet. Yep, billions with a B. So dont get focused on ONE guy, and the ONE guy who broke up with you. You will (and should be) dating LOTS of guys. (By dating I dont mean the physical!) Just getting to know guys, and what you want from them, and even more important, what you DONT want in a guy ( <--this one is actually more imporatnt than knowing what you want in a guy!) Please remember SOOOO many guys have been waiting to meet you, but you havent even noticed because you were too involved with this loser...Serious. Good luck ;)

  • 8 years ago

    Aww I'm so sorry! Sounds tough to deal with! But if he broke up with you, you shouldn't spend your time dwelling on it! There's really no way for us to know, but if you want to know really bad, talk to him! Say I deserve an explanation, you can't just take up 3 months of my life then dump me without a reason. Even if it's that you got bored, I want to know. Don't take "i dont love you" as an answer.

    Good luck! Go find yourself another guy and get back out there!

  • 8 years ago

    He probably just got tired of having a girlfriend. Wait til you're like 17 before having a boyfriend, relationships are pointless before then.

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  • 8 years ago

    Hey I am 15 as well and as a guy myself I believe you should find someone else (like me perhapse :) )

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