What jobs are for 65 year old?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The number of years you have been on the earth gives you a distinct advantage. You have seen and experienced more than others. You have gained skills and experienced from hobbies, jobs and your career. You can do a lot of things in the job market but you must choose carefully. Do not choose to get involved with any type of work which you do not feel comfortable with or does not fit your lifestyle. You know what that is if you know yourself. Don't apply for a job just for the money. It has to be something which you look forward to doing everyday. For example, and you already know this, do not apply for a job which involves working with deomgraphics whose behaviour and/or music is disturbing to you. If you are invited to be interviewed at the work-site pay attention to the office culture, how the employees dress, is the office quiet or has music playing over the public address system. What type of people are in the lobby, coming in and leaving the office. Be aware.

    There are a myriad of jobs which you can do full-time and/or part-time. You can work for the local supermarket chain, the city or town you live in. You could possibly work for the state you live in on a part-time basis. I will have to be frank with you that you may face age discrimination from employers but do not let this deter you from your goal. You know what you like and want to do. Follow your rainbow and you will find treasure.

  • 8 years ago

    School cooks are usually like that age where i came from

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