Should i be worried if my boyfriend isnt interested in being being more knowledgable about my illness?

I have hereditary angio edema,its when my liver doenst give off enough protein leaving my body to swell in my hands feet legs and throat. Since we now stay together i want him to know how to mix the medicine in case my throat or hamds swell and i wont be able to do it.. So today i was instructing him on how to mix the medicine and he says,"well im eating right now".. Im not putting it in his hamds and forcing him to.its not interfering with eating at all.. Earlier this month i had bad stomach pain which occurs every tome i start my menstrual period and im obviously laying down in pain and crying and asked him can he go to th e store to get some medicine,and he didnt i left to my moms housw becausw he wasnt help at all.. When i got there he asked why i left and i told him how i felt that he didnt care if i was hurt or not..which he was just busy smoking kush to even worry about whats going on around him. I think i should move out because my life could be in danger and hes sitting thereno knowing what to do becaise whenever took the time out to learn how to do my medecine or probably to high enough to notice..this is my final notice,just let me know if im over reacting?


this is a more relationship question,yahoo answers brought me here so sorry. yo dont have to answer the question if you think its dumb.bye

Update 2:

this is a more relationship question,yahoo answers brought me here so sorry. yo dont have to answer the question if you think its dumb.bye

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  • bill
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    8 years ago
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    he definitely sounds like a certified douc hebag. but unless his political affiliation is causing his behavior, i would say that you would be better off asking this question in the Family and Relationship category.

  • 8 years ago

    Move out. He is not mature enough to deal with the adult world and you can find someone better. You dont' need a stoner. You need someone ready to take care of business and be an adult.

    It's never a good idea to discuss medical problems over a meal. You are used to it, but they are not and some folks get sick on that stuff.

    But you also need to do more self care. You know that you will have pain just before your period. So why didn't you have the medicine already?

    It's easy, when you are chronically ill, to get used to people taking care of you and being the center of attention. But you need to learn to make it a secondary issue in your life and your relationships. Do as much self care as you can, even at home. Be responsible for having your own pain medicine, things like that.

  • Marcus
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    8 years ago

    Do you honestly have to even ask this question? And more importantly this is not the dating section of the site it is the legal section so did I miss a legal question?

  • 8 years ago

    You're not overreacting - he's indifferent to your pain and misery. This not a person you want to live with. Dump him.

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