Hunger Games - Original Book Question?

I have read the first book and finished it in one day, and now I am reading the second book. It is really good. Especially the little District 13 Hint in Catching Fire. Anyway, I understand that the United States is just .. basically gone, and all that is left is small ruins. I know how there was a war and terrible storms and such, but my question is ... what about the other continents? Like is Asia still there, and South America, or is only North America with carred remains left? And if District 1 makes stuff for the capitol, and honor them, then why do they have to participate in The Hunger Games?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I believe there are all the other continents, probably much smaller as the water has taken over part of the lands, but I considered the same thing myself. But yes, I heard the Arenas are based all over the place...but I'm not quite sure if it's a certain place that they're all created.

    Well all the District's make things for The's because all of the District's except The Capitol rebelled so they to are punished and have to compete. But, for the most part they don't see it as a bad thing. Most tributes from District 1, 2 and sometimes 4 are volunteers, they see it as a chance for fame and glory.

    Source(s): Read the books over a few times.
  • Jay L
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    8 years ago

    only the Capital does not have to participate in the Hunger Games. All the districts have to participate. The book is not clear about other parts of the world.

  • zulauf
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    4 years ago

    i've got study 2/3 of the books... and the third one is on the way from amazon immediately... yet to be common - i've got self assurance like a device for examining them. i substitute into swept up by using the action picture trailer so i had to study the books. even although I savour the tale adequate to study the full trilogy, I truthfully do no longer think of it incredibly is an unique concept. it incredibly is conflict Royale, yet much less gorey. it incredibly is lots like working guy, and The long walk - the two written by using Stephen King, so thank you to flow King on writing 2 so comparable memories (nevertheless love King). however the starvation video games is the pre-teen version of those memories.

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