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My narcissus is dying, please help?


Does it mean am not giving enough love?

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    Dear Teddy,

    You love your plant and have done nothing wrong. Narcissus are bulbs and only bloom once a year, its part of their life cycle.

    When the flower and stalk die, remove the bulb from the soil (you may have two or three bulbs) separate them and replant the next year. Its how they reproduce and its their natural life cycle.

    I love jon quails, daffodils of all sorts, tulips and orchids. They all flower and die, remove the bulb from the soil, divide the bulbs, let them sit and rest and then replant them and next spring you have twice as many. Do a little googling on them so you learn more about them.

    Your adorable.

    Take care xxxx

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    8 years ago

    Hello.Have you got a house daffodil? They die back anyway soon and grow back next year.You can try talking to it.

  • 8 years ago

    That's good.

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