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Do you think China is secretly goading the North Koreans on?

I figure all the chinese have to do is cut of all the fuel shipments to the NK and thats it game over.

Why dont the USA threaten China too and tell them to control their little puppy NK?

Also dont u think Kin Chun looks like a nice cuddly puppy with his lovable flabby cheeks that you just want to squeeze?

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    China will certainly not be egging the North on, the last thing China wants is that if there is a war they will be faced with millions of starving Koreans wanting to cross their boarder

    Waving the big stick at China will not work, we want them on our side as they are the ones that are best suited to handle the North, even Kerry seems to appreciate that with all of his dealings with the Chinese.

    In this case the less the US says the better, they are the No 1 antagonist to the North


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