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Why is all swim wear for young women made for skinny girls with no boobs?

I'm having such a hard time finding a swim suit. I'm not skinny but im also not obese or anything. I don't want a little skimpy bikini but I also don't want a one piece. All the stores I go in mostly have bikinis and even if I did want one I don't think my boobs could fit in them, I'm a d and it seems like they are made for a and b. does anyone know where I can get a swim suit that would work for my body type? I'm also not rich so I can't get one Victoria secret or anywhere like that.

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    You could try getting a tankini. It's a two piece, but it's not revealing, and it's generally made for bigger (not necessarily fat) people than bikinis are. You can get these at most swimsuit stores.

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    it is the bra length I wish I had. (i'm 32B.) And merely placed on the clothing that make you seem the suited. no count in case you're fat or skinny, this is critical to placed on clothing that for the period of high-quality condition as a results of fact it could make each and all of the version interior the international. i do no longer understand for particular as a results of fact i do no longer extremely understand what you appear to be yet from what you suggested you do no longer sound such as you may seem fat. P.S. and that i do no longer thoroughly trust what Mike suggested as a results of fact boobs are merely milk ducts and fatty tissue. There are no muscle tissue in them to flex so which you would be able to no longer precisely "tone" them or regardless of.

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    It sounds like you have a woman's body but you're shopping at stores for junior teen sizes or in junior departments of big stores. Junior clothing is cut differently with smaller boobs, higher and smaller armholes etc. Shop in the misses or women's department of big stores and you'll have tons of choices.

    Target is great for women's sizes in swimwear but, believe it or not, Walmart has some good choices. Penneys is good, too. Good luck!! : }

    Source(s): all the 2 piece suits at target. Just don't click on the ones that say "Junior"
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    Well I don't know where youre I don't know if you have the same stores. Im from the uk. You could try primark :)

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