'84 Mustang Svo idle issues?

It starts up fine, idles anywhere from 1500-1700. After driving it for a bit it will start dying when I downshift to first at stop signs. After it does that it won't idle. It will start, jump to about 1000 rpm and then die, sometimes it will start and idle around 900. The car is all stock except for a spectre cone air filter. Any ideas?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Look at your IAC(idle air control) sensor. It may be dirty/clogged or it may have just gone bad so it's probably best to just replace it. Odd idle problems are often attributed to the IAC. The TPS(throttle position sensor) is also a possible cause. A dirty TB(throttle body) is another possible cause. Spray it out thoroughly with a throttle body cleaner. The only other thing I would suggest looking into is a bad vacuum line or a vacuum leak somewhere.

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