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Emura asked in PetsHorses · 8 years ago

Are these bits comparable?

I love the bit I currently have my mare in, she is really happy with it. Problem is I'm borrowing it and moving soon so I need my own bit.

Here is the one she is currently in (well close to it. A Colombian with s shanks): http://pflus.com/Columbian-Paso-Fino-S-Shank-Bit

It is rather expensive and I just don't have the money for it.

Here is one I'm looking at: http://www.horse.com/item/western-bs-silver-dot-me...

Do you think they will work similar enough to be interchangeable?

I'm going to ask my trainers later but can't right this moment (posting here has the link readily available too :p)


She hates snaffles. I've tried them and she absolutely hated it.

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is something that only someone who has seen the inside of your horse's mouth can answer. How high is her palate?

    The first bit looks like the spade is very flat and angled back. If you have the curb strap tightened correctly I don't see it rotating to the roof of the mouth at all.

    The second bit the port is very thick and very upright. It looks like it is going to touch her palate unless hers is very high. It doesn't look like it would take much rotation for it to hit.

    If your horse goes well in the bit, then you may have to buy one. It's so easy to burn through $200 in training issues because you move to something that doesn't work. Even worse if you move to something that causes pain.

    It's amazing the amount of time and money people have to sink into a horse when rehabbing from a bad bitting experience. I've had any number of riding sour horses come to me with issues because of broken mouthed curbs. I can tell you the owners have paid over $200 to get those issues fixed.


    I hope when you say snaffle you mean snaffle and not a shanked bit with a broken mouthpiece. If that is what you mean no wonder she hated it. If she "hates" true snaffles then then I have to ask what kind have you tried? Any horse with a low palate will hate a single joint snaffle. Most horses do well in a D ring with an oval mouth. If you have unsteady hands then your horse will HATE a loose ring. A lot of horses really like a Baucher. You may also need to look at a mullen mouth if she dislikes tongue pressure. You can get the same mouthpiece on a snaffle as you can in a curb so I really wonder what about the snaffle she really hates.

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    Forgive me, but no horse is happy with a bit in their mouth and far less with such bits. Why not a simple snaffle or a double jointed simple snaffle. It takes skills to have little tack on our horses, but that should be our aim.

    I therefore suggest you take advantage of this change and try a softer bit. :)

    Source(s): Showjumping, dressage and spanish riding discipline experience added to natural horsemanship experience.
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    8 years ago

    They are both similar. The first one is just a little harsher. I would think she should be the same in the second bit. Who knows, she may end up working in it better.

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