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Looking to trade up to 4 club nintendo codes for a valid luigis mansion dark moon code?

I've only recently found out about club nintendo, so I have quite a few codes unused.


Or I'd take a pokemon mystery dungeon code instead.

Update 2:

Obviously, detective. The deal is useless to anyone who registered their ds prior to Apr. 14th, i.e. (not aka) a lot of people. It seems to me 4 codes would be far more profitable for them, rather than a single code that they can't use for a deal that I can take advantage of. I have no interest in purchasing either games ever, the deal is nice though.

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    aka - he's trying to get his free game by buying a 3DS XL and registering one of the two games above to the account without buying it.

    Good luck with that.

  • ilyse
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    properly, it relies upon what you like. hearth logo is a variety tale pushed activity and it takes a lot of thinking and making plans. while Luigi's Mansion doesn’t have a lot of a tale. It’s extra touching directly to the action and rapid reflexes. in my opinion I picked hearth logo yet that’s merely as a results of fact I actual have a good heritage with the sport. i would be getting Luigi's Mansion: dark Moon quickly although . you should choose the sport that has one in each of those activity play you desire.

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    Right now there are no luigis mansion codes but Its a sale of if you buy a 3ds xl you'll get a game and luigis mansion is one of those games but its either to the end of April or it already ended

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