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Ok so wat are the long term effects of MARIJUNA? Like your school,I only do a small amount at night on weekdays...and a little more on seems to help my work at school...but is it really helping?

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    I don't think it helps with schoolwork, I mean it doesn't make you more focussed or smarter or able to do better work. It might just relax you a little and change how you feel about schoolwork, and that could be a positive effect.

    As for long term effects, well I've been smoking it for years and I'm not . . . uh . . . what were we talking about? Oh yeah. I don't think there's any . . . um . . . hey, how 'bout those Ravens, huh?

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    You'll be more anti-social, lazy and have slower long-term memory, that's all. Don't believe in the lies of media. The only way to get an overdoes is through smoking the amount equally to your weight.

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    it is helping you can probably concentrare better. you should smoke hash, hybred sativa if u can get it, smoking hash gets u high way faster an its a diff high. u wont have to smoke as much and ive always noticed when I smoke that I can think more an my memory is better. Smokin hash is a lot more smooth than weed, weed makes my head hurt and memory blury

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    Well it makes you spell long like lomg

    Source(s): YOU CRACKHEAD!!
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