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5 ways that people are saving the earth?

just curious to know how people are saving the planet and are preventing global warming? :)

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    1. Global warming doesn't exist.

    2. Recycling

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    People need to get this ridiculous notion that they can "save the planet" out of their heads. Humans don't have that sort of power. We can't "save the planet", nor can we "destroy the planet".

    This planet is going to be around a whole lot longer than our species will. What we're REALLY trying to do is save ourselves.

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    1) people are walking instead of driving

    2) not having electricity on as much

    3) sharing a car than buying one each

    4) not going abroad so many times,the planes let out gas

    5) less green house gasses

    Hope I helped

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    8 years ago


    saving water


    Planting trees

    Not cutting down trees

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  • 8 years ago

    recycling wood

    recycling paper

    recycling cans

    saving water

    saving electricity

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