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Question about MEPS for the air force?

How strict are the meps doctors? Do they check your medical records pretty extensively? The reason I ask this is because i've been to counseling at my college in the past and was prescribed anti depressants. This was a few months ago and I no longer take the medication. I have NEVER been to a doctor for any kind of mental health issue, just saw the nurse practitioner at my school. Would they check the school's counseling records or is this something that i could probably get by with??

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    What counselor? You never went to one. You were not on anti-depressants. Just say no--they won't look and you won't ever be caught/face any problems.

    Add-on: They DO NOT thoroughly check your record at MEPS. They don't even have your records there. The medical exam is not that bad at all. They ask if you've lied about anything--you say no--then you basically perform some stretches and you're good to go.

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