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Soon-to-be mom cuts and drinks. Anything I can do?

I know a girl who is about 3-4 months pregnant. Around a month ago, she had around 3 strong vodka mixed drinks and left my friend's apartment stumbling. A couple weeks later, I hear from a friend that she tried to kill herself with a deep cut to her wrist when she found out her ex/baby's father was sleeping with someone else. She played it off as an "accident." This girl seems to be very unstable and refuses to get an abortion as "revenge" on her baby's father, whom she sometimes stalks. I'm worried about the fate of this child. What if she gets depressed and kills herself once the baby is born? I don't know this girl very well, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do in this situation. I've offered help, but she refused since I'm not her favorite person. I feel strongly that she's not ready for motherhood but I have no idea what to do. Should I just back off? Thanks in advance.


Exit: me? If it were me, I'd have gotten an abortion months ago. There are enough children out there needing care without a contribution from me.

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    YOU need help, don't harm your baby.

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    If she continues to do this after the child is born, call Child Protective Services; that's why they exist.

    You can't change ANYBODY but yourself; all you can do is try to help the baby.

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