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Is inglorious bastards a holocaust movie?

or it a movie about world war 2 i know they are nazi hunters but does that make it a holocaust movie?

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    No it isn't about the Holocaust. It is strictly a fictional WW2 story, well there is more than one story in the movie as well. Another story is about a Jew who's family is killed and she wants revenge. The stories in the film are connected to each other. The movie is a revenge story basically. It is awsome, and it's directed by Quentin Tarantino, you can never go wrong with his films.

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    It doesn't really focus on the holocaust as much as the Nazi hunting.One of the main plot points is a Jewish girl getting revenge on a Nazi officer for killing her family, but there isn't really any concentration camps or ghettos in the movie.

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    Not really, It brings up the murder of Jews, as a motive for the teams method of killing the nazis, and as a reason for the revenge at the end. But they saw a chance to get all the leaders, and took it.

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    Ww2 thet mention the holocaust but waa not a big part

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