What do you imagine when you hear these names?

Triplet names! How do you imagine the way they look and how they act?

Kenzie, Kayla, and Kenna

Haidyn, Jaidyn, and Kaidyn

Hannah Joy, Hunter Jade, and Hayden Jase

Alyce, Celya, and Lacey

Jane, Jean, and Jena

Adi, Dai, and Ida

Avi (Aviella), Vai (Valerie), Iva (Ivanna)

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    Kenzie, Kayla, and Kenna - Kenzie and Kenna have light blonde hair and sea blue eyes. Both are popular cheerleaders at school and act and look more like twins than triplets. Kayla has darker blonde hair with hazel eyes but the same sharp features as Kenzie and Kenna. She plays volleyball, basketball, and runs in track but is most into volleyball where she plays on a travel team. She does better in school than her sisters and is much more into reading, writing, and other school-related subjects, unlike her sisters who depend on their cheer, looks, and popularity. They're all very pretty girls.

    Haidyn, Jaidyn, and Kaidyn - The three girls have dark brunette curls that are almost identical besides their different lengths and styles - Jaidyn who wears her's in a below shoulder length mess of curls, Kaidyn who arranges her hair in a ponytail on the top of her head pulled back to meet her active and sporty lifestyle, and lastly Haidyn who is always trying some new braid or bun to arrange her hair, even longer than Jaidyn's. Haidyn is the girliest of the three, wearing lace-y tops and sometimes skirts or short dresses, whereas Kaidyn is sporty, living in yoga pants, jerseys, and sport wear. Jaidyn is somewhere in between usually wearing skinny jeans and casual to more formal tops.

    Hannah Joy, Hunter Jade, and Hayden Jase - All tomboys, being raised mainly by their sport-loving, highschool football coach dad. They all play on the school basketball travel team, along with volleyball for Hannah Joy, soccer for Hayden Jase, and softball for Hunter Jade. They all live in sweats and T-shirts, Hannah sometimes wearing jeans. They all have stick-straight thin red hair with a dash of freckles across their noses'. Hannah Joy and Hayden Jase have variations of green eyes, while Hunter Jade has darker brown eyes.

    Alyce, Celya, and Lacey - Lacey is a full blown girly girl who will never be caught in anything but designer handbags, floral skirts, dresses, and lace back or sheer tops. Alyce is quite similar, with short denim skirts, handbags, and other cute, in-style outfits. Celya has her own type of fashion style with combat boots, brightly colored skinny jeans and other stand-out fashions. They all have dark brown to black wavy hair and brown eyes, although Celya is known to dye her hair often.

    Jane, Jean, and Jena - The three girls are best friends, who are found together at not only the mall, but thrift shops looking for deals. If not for the 'J' and the identical last names, along with the big grey-blue eyes. Jena is a blonde, Jane has light brown hair, while Jean is a darker brunette. They're usually found wearing patterned leggings, flats, Uggs, and cute but casual solid, flowy tops.

    Adi, Dai, and Ida - These girls have never really gotten along and usually stay separate. Adi focuses on her friends and popularity, and is seen applying her lipstick half the day. She wears her hair in ringlet curls that she checks every moment she has in between classes. Dai on the other hand is a family girl who likes staying close to home. She gets along better with Ida, although they're not really friends. She isn't as smart as Ida is but tries her hardest to keep up with school work and is intrigued by writing, which is her dream job. Ida likes to focus completely on school, and the few friends that she has. She's very smart and school is her favorite place to be. Adi is a fake blonde, whereas the other two girls keep their hair natural brunette. They all have sharp green eyes with soft features and ski-slope noses.

    Avi (Aviella), Vai (Valerie), Iva (Ivanna) - These three triplets keep a tight bond of friendship in dancing. They all are competitive dancers who do many trios and practice hard hours together. They all love each other very much and are happy to be sisters. They're in the same group of friends, the popular group, but they're all very kind and caring. They also care about school and were brought up by a religious family who taught them well. They where little makeup but are quite beautiful, with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes and naturally long lashes.

    Haha I hope these were detailed enough(:


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Kenzie, Kayla, Haidyn, Jaidyn. Kaidyn, Jade, Celya, Lacey, Jena = all strippers.

    The rest are really nice.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Kenzie, Kayla, and Kenna - brown haired, blue eyed, cheeky but smart

    Haidyn, Jaidyn, and Kaidyn - blondey brown haired, blue eyed, all shy and not academic but sporty

    Hannah Joy, Hunter Jade, and Hayden Jase - blonde haired, green eyed, very sporty, very kind

    Alyce, Celya, and Lacey - very sporty, plays soccer 24/7, brown haired, brown eyed

    Jane, Jean, and Jena - into fashion, prissy, Jane brown haired, jean brown haired, Jena blonde haired

    Adi, Dai, and Ida - ethnic girls, love cooking and family, brown hair, brown eyes

    Avi (Aviella), Vai (Valerie), Iva (Ivanna) - ^^^^

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