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question about declining sex?

I really like this girl, on of the reasons I do is because when i'm with her and I think about her, sex isn't on my mind. My question to you is if she were to offer and I decline and say "no thanks" and tell her that I like her for her, could that ruin the relationship?

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  • 7 years ago
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    No, of course not.

    but I don't know if this normal or not. Because to have a long lasting relationship, you have to be attracted to her physical appearance, which normally in guys appear as sexual thoughts.

    Well, anyway, to decline her, you can say something to refer that you don't want to do it because her value is higher than just having sex. You love to spend time with her because of bla-bla-bla (list it). It seems funny to say this, really, but that will make your girl feel appreciated and safe to be with you.

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