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Stubborn puppy, taking forever to house break, suggestions?

I've had him for about a month and a half now, and he's still not fully potty trained. He can hold his bladder for hours, he does really well over night in his kennel, but during the day he just won't let me know when he has to go.

I've tried so many different things online, and nothing has worked and everything seems so contradictory.

Sometimes I'll take him back inside after he pees, and he'll poop right on the floor, even though he was just outside.

It's really beginning to get frustrating.

Any tips?

He is believed to be a whippet or italian greyhound mix, I don't know how those breeds normally do with training.

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  • Shawn
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    8 years ago

    Here's a great website for lots of various puppy questions.

    Just for a quick review, check this list and see if you are doing these:

    Use the same door every potty break

    Take treats with you to give outside when your puppy goes potty

    Feed on a regular schedule; no free feeding

    If you are feeding twice a day, then expect 2 poops a day after eating

    When you take him outside after eating if he doesn't go, come back inside, watch like a hawk and take back outside in 5 minutes to try again (treats)

    Tether him to a belt and wear him so you will watch him better

    If his nose goes to the floor he probably needs to go

    His little bottom will poke out if stool is about to drop out of him

    Put him in his crate when you bring him in from an unsuccessful potty trip, then take back out soon

    Crate needs to be little -- just big enough to stand, turn around, lie down

    Dogs don't play "gotcha," so he isn't being bad. He's just being a baby.

    Most potty accidents are owner errors from not watching closely enough.

    He will learn eventually.

    Hang in there, and find the website. If I gave you the wrong info, google the indoor pet initiative at ohio state university.

    vet tech

  • Lia
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    8 years ago

    Some owners start to think that their dog is being sneaky when really it does not fully understand what it is doing wrong. It knows the mess upsets you but does not understand that it should stop "making" the mess. To your dog, these two things: "the mess" and "the act" are unrelated. The trick is to catch your dog in the act and make him understand. You should not hit your dog. Your tone of your voice is enough to make the dog see you are unhappy. A firm "No! You are not allowed to go in the house. No! No!" is all that is needed. Immediately take your dog outside to the appropriate place. Wait for your dog to go again and when and if he does, praise him.

    The ey really is consistency..same times taking him out, and OFTEN. Praise is key as well...

  • PR
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    8 years ago

    It takes time. This is a habit, and we all know habits take time. Cage train the puppy with a dog cage. This helps develop the habit of NOT going while inside the house. Then, the dog just naturally wants to go outside. Praise very heavily when he does something outdoors (take out on a leash with you attached), and treat when back in the house. Back in the cage unless directly supervising on a tiled surface. He is not being stubborn, he is just being a puppy.

  • 8 years ago

    I did this method with my dog and it works great! Hang a bell on the door handle (low enough for your dog to reach). You could get a bell that hangs at a pet store near you. Take the dogs paw and ring the bell, when he rings it say "good boy" and then take him outside. When he eventually pees take him inside and reward him,(belly rub, treat, etc.). Repeat this until it works. It takes about 1 week until your dog is trained to ring the bell when it has to go outside to use the bathroom.

    Hope this helped! :)

    Source(s): My own training skills
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    My domestic dog became very obdurate. She ought to maintain away from dropping of her potty for when we were given interior and make a multitude after i became outdoors getting sunburnt such as her for an hour. i eventually referred to as the breeder and became advised that my canines became happiest outdoors and became utilising interior potty to get outdoors the position she loved to be. i became advised to placed domestic dog right into a crate at the same time as she peed interior so as that she did not associate potty interior with going outdoors. In crate for 20 minutes and no scolding mandatory. This worked after an afternoon and a 1/2. She remains straightforward and earrings her pup bell always to go outdoors.

  • Mike
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    8 years ago

    Reward him instantly every time he has to go to the bathroom. He'll learn it's way better to alert you he has to go out and get a treat. Housetraining takes time with consistancy. If you're inconsistent, it'll take longer, and may never work.

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