Skyrim Thieves Guild Movie?

I'm considering writing and making a film based on the Thieves Guild story from skyrim. For budget and practicality reasons I would have to set it modern day, in the real world. I am interested to know whether people would find this film good and if you think it would word in this sort of setting?

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    7 years ago
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    I think that's a really good idea! I would love to see it done the way it is in Skyrim, with the same costumes and setting. But if you want to make it modern day, you might want to make the Thieves Guild more of a gang/mafia kind of thing. In the game, the Thieves Guild HQ is through the ratway, under the town. So the setting of your movie could be in some kind of abandoned underground building or something. I think if you work hard, it could work pretty well. I'd see that! Good luck. :)

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