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I need help on Pricing my 3D Fondant cake.?

I am making a cake it's a Micky mouse body and head with the Miami heat jersey on it and I will be using fondant but I do not know how to price the cake can someone please help me out thank you so much.

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    keep track of the cost of ingredients and multiple by 3 to get your selling price. This will cover the cost of ingredients, your time and your profit.

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    As for the style, I purchased an education on fondant after I went for my tasting as I had heard horror experiences in regards to the variety and the baker I was inquisitive about most strong works with fondant. Just right, I realized that there are a number of makers of fondant and every person tastes in any other case. I was once particular that the baker I used to be once excited about would not swap fondant suppliers and the fondant they use tasted excellent. It was once as soon as like an exceedingly sweet marshmallow. I admire some humans would possibly not like matters that sweet, nonetheless it wasn't nasty and it wasn't like ingesting play-doh as I had been instructed it could be. My recommendation is to make certain you style your bakery's fondant to make distinct it is now not probably the most nasty-tasting sorts. Whether or not it is gross, bypass the fondant. As for pricing & your funds, that as a substitute will depend on your bakery. I had $four hundred - $500 costs for a three-tier cake so $600 on four tiers just isn't unimaginable. Nevertheless one-of-a-kind bakers fee plenty extra.

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