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Is there a Pizza Hut in Sicily?

If not, is Pizza Hut targeted towards Italians or Americans? Where in Italy is there a Pizza Hut? Is Pizza Hut authentic Italian food?

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    No. Pizza Hut and other chains from the US are not in Italy at all. Pizza Hut is not authentic Italian pizza; it's like some fast food pizza that would be found in train stations except that Italian pizza isn't loaded down with all those ingredients and it would be rare to find soggy crust in Italy. Italian pizza typically doesn't have loads of toppings. A four seasons pizza does have four toppings, but each one would be on a quarter of the pizza. I lived in Italy for the past 13 years and had a lot of excellent pizza. Pizza places are mostly independent and the quality of the pizza is much better than Pizza Hut.

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    Charles, your answer is wrong and just plain nonsense. I just had to point that out in case an Italian is reading this and thinks that all Americans are stupid.

    Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy. American Prohibition has nothing to do with it. And Pizza Hut is disgusting and not even close to authentic.

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    There are no Pizza Huts in Sicily... If you are in Italy, you are in a country known for it's good food... Try some of it...

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    there's in in malta, a small island nation 2hr away by ferry, it's in saint julian. malta has good pizza though, and italy even better

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