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Infant circumcision benefits outweigh the risks according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).?



I'm American and most American men are circumcised. Every man I've known is circumcised and they are quite happy (maybe too happy) with their "dildo". I read plenty about how circumcised men have a lot less sensation but it doesn't match up with what I see in real life unless circumcised men are just a bunch of liars. They don't seem the least bit deprived to me.

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    Yes I do agree and I am and my sensations are just fine if they were any better I would be getting finished way too soon.

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    Yes but they also say they don't know the risks. Meanwhile the Pediatricians of other countries have noted that the benefits are not real and the risks are huge.

    The US task force has ZERO reference. Do ANY doctors that have all of their natural genitals advise that infants have parts cut off?

    Many cut men do not regret circumcision as they have no clue about what they lost. And that is the point, these guys don't miss the 20000 pleasure nerves because they have no reference? Like a color blind person not understanding the value of color sight or a one eye person not understanding the value of 3D sight. This group of people making statements about benefits vs risks, when they don't understand the harm (how could they), would be funny but for all of the mutilations and sexual dysfunction that they will cause.

    How can people have an opinion on this and yet think that what is cut is a flap of skin? The parts have THOUSANDS of specialized nerve endings. These are the MOST innervated parts of the HUMAN MALE. The parts cut off shut down a huge part of the kid’s/man’s sensory system. That can never be returned (it is shut down for good). Also, many cut men have sexual function issues from the start of sexual activity. However, most will get ED at a much younger age than they would otherwise (cut men are 4.5 TIMES as likely to get ED).

    Shame on the AAP for not considering the harm! Have they no sense of decency? Especially pediatricians should First do no harm!

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    What about the sexual experience? Circumcision decreases sexual pleasures and decreases the sensitivity in the penis glans.

    It's also more difficult to masturbate and the circumcised penis is like a dildo. Could you imagine how pleasurable a stiff, dry vagina would be? Not very.


    I'm not saying they don't experience sexual arousals (getting horny) or feel some pleasure. The circumcised penis can still perform sexually and lead a good sex life, it's just that a lot of the sexual pleasure is lost, because they're missing parts that are very pleasurable. The movement of the penis shaft skin itself is a pleasurable act, and we know that a circumcised penis cannot experience that.

    If you've only ever eaten McDonald's beef patties in your life, and never had a tasty steak, then McDonald's beef will taste like the best thing. The problem is that millions of men are not gonna get that nice juicy steak, because they don't have all of their penis parts.

    A circumcised man doesn't feel as much and so they tend to go faster and harder. The circumcised penis often requires lubrication, because they don't have natural lubrication. Meanwhile, the woman is taking it slow enjoying it all the way through, with her wet natural vagina and then the woman can still go on and have more sex. Our society has created this image that woman are these slutty creatures that moan during sex, and men are just aggressively pounding away. That's not the way it's supposed to be. That's what circumcision has created in America.

    The "dildo" penis is not a good thing, in fact, regular plastic or metal dildos are not good for women either. They desensitize the vagina, and it's completely unnatural. With a circumcised penis, the tighter skin creates more friction when it is inserted inside the vagina, which is bad, because it's basically rubbing itself against the vagina wall. Eventually, the vaginal wall becomes desensitized and callused, just like your hands get callused if you rub your hand against anything. By contrast, with the uncircumcised, natural penis skin, the vagina can more easily grip the penis skin, because the skin moves at a different speed than the rest of the penis. A natural penis and natural vagina can have sex for a longer period of time without getting sore.

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    They are only talking about risks of the surgery such as infection & death. They can not say "the benefits outweigh the cons" however because that would be false. A few cons being a 75% decrease in sexual pleasure and 4x increased risk of erectile dysfunction*.

    The cons far overweigh any mediocre benefits that simply basic washing can handle. Most of the world is intact and don't see any of these claimed health risks some people make, they are simply unsubstantiated health claims.

    Circumcised men actually have a higher chance of giving a woman HIV because the coronal ridge draws out a woman's natural lubrication, making the vaginal walls easier for diseases to infect. Also being circumcised makes it much easier to rape people, this practice dates back to barbarians when rape was so common it's certainly possibly they made up this practice just to make it easier to rape women.

    Source(s): * According to findings by the British Journal of Urology International.
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    The core part of your question, about the health benefits, is more eloquently and extensively answered by the heads of European pediatrics:

    (In summary: there are NO health benefits)

    You may find this surprising, you may wish to know the reason for the continued promotion of false and harmful information - I put it to you that the reason is money:

    You may believe that 'MOST' American men are circumcised, I put it to you that the number is 50% and falling:

    You may believe that circumcised males are not missing out, well - the same can be said for circumcised females, they're just fine according to the people in this area:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Would you like to know more? Probably not, but once you're done with the shock you may be feeling assuming you looked at the above information, here's a summary and a more indepth look at the penis (and what you lose by cutting part of it off):

    One last thing, you may believe that circumcising babies is OK because they won't remember the pain? Do you also advocate throwing babies down stairs? Good to hear that you're not a hypocrite. Oh, and they do remember the pain - you have something called a sub-concious, it is powerful and remembers all trauma:

    I hope this information helps, if you have a male partner and you want your sex to be enhanced - tell them to proceed with foreskin restoration (google it).

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    All of the "benefits" resulting from circumcision go to doctors who make money from mutilating male babies' genitals.

    And most circumcised males have no concept of what it is to have a complete penis with all of the working parts and the normal sensation, they have nothing with which to compare it.

    A survey in Belgium just a month or two ago showed that circumcised males indeed have less sexual feeling, and some even have pain as a result of the mutilation.

    Male genital mutilation, called circumcision, has no standards, and the damage inflicted, the amount of tissue hacked off of the penis, the location and depth of the wounds to the penis are solely up to the mutilator at the moment.

    I know from personal experience. The mutilation forced on me at birth made it very difficult for me to achieve orgasm, because of the neural and vascular damage. I've restored my foreskin, and have achieved vastly improved sexual feeling and function as a result.

    Circujmcision is a fraud and a hoax.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


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    Toddler circumcision is a barbaric stone-age observe with its origins in perversion. It has no location within the 21st century. Any health advantages claimed by means of the surgery may also be simply accomplished by way of correct hygiene and washing. If a dude is simply too lazy to take a shower he can go with to have the surgical procedure when he comes of age. It should never be forcibly imposed on any child too young to make his possess determination.

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    I agree. I have looked at the research myself.

    Bell you have it back to front. Circumcised men enjoy sex more.

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