How many particles of methane are in 99L of methane?

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  • 8 years ago
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    One mole of any gas at standard temperature and pressure (STP) occupies 22.4 liters.

    99 liters would therefor have 99/22.4 moles of methane gas at STP, or 4.4196 moles.

    One mole of any gas contains Avogadro's number of molecules of that gas.

    Avogadro's number = 6.0221 x 10^23 /mol

    Multiply Avogadro's number times the number of moles in 99 liters and you have your answer.

    This calculation assumes the methane at standard temperature and pressure will behave as an ideal gas, which I believe it will at STP, however at other temperatures and pressures methane is not likely to follow the ideal gas law closely, much as many other gases do not. Your problem does not state the temperature and pressure but only the volume, so I am forced to assume you mean standard temperature and pressure- but assumptions can be wrong- so please check that to be sure.

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