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Boxing: Did Arum have a rooting interest in last nights fight?


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    Boxing: Rios loses, Donaire Mikey Garcia next?

    NO, absolutely not.

    Miguel Angel "Mike" Garcia is more polished, disciplined boxer out of the

    other two boxers Brandon Rios and Nonito Donaire. Mikey Garcia is right

    now the very best Featherweight in the world today. Well believe it or not

    Orlando Cruz is the number 1 contender according to the WBO rankings.

    The Puerto Rican is (20-2-1) with 10 KO's and is a mandatory challenger

    for the Mikey Garcia's WBO Featherweight Championship. At this weight

    class he would actually give Mike decent competition instead of if Garcia

    would fight Juan Manuel Lopez boxing writers already predict that would

    a disaster for Lopez who lost (twice) to Salido in his previous two fights he

    is actually fighting another comeback fight this weekend a journeyman his

    name is Gerardo Espinoza (29-13-1) with 27 KO's has a good KO ratio for

    his wins. We don't know what will be next for Donaire or Garcia, Lopez is

    actually was rumored to be fighting both next? We will see what happens

    with all the other weird programs shows that HBO broadcast on their cable

    network, don't be surprised to see Mike Garcia fight Orlando Cruz on HBO.

    WBO Featherweight Rankings - Champion Mikey Garcia

    1. Orlando Cruz

    2. Gary Russell, Jr.

    3. Joel Brunker

    4. Ray Bautista

    5. Orlando Salido

    6. Juan Manuel Lopez

    7. Hiroshige Osawa

    8. Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo

    9. Kamil Laszczyk

    10. Jayson Velez

    11. Jun Doliguez

    12. Lee Selby

    13. Mauricio Javier Munoz

    14. Hisashi Amagasa

    15. Billy Dib

  • Jeremy
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    8 years ago

    If he did, it's gone now. While I enjoy the sweet science, the average boxing fan wants to see blood and excitement, something Rigondeaux just doesn't give. If the boxer doesn't show dollar signs, Arum isn't interested.

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