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Visiting Madrid and Leon Spain?

We will be visiting Madrid and Leon. What other towns do you recommend to visit while driving from Madrid to Leon Spain

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    How long are you planning on spending on this road trip? If you have whole days to stop:

    El Escorial, Segovia, Ávila, Vallodalid are all historic musts...Might as well spend a day in Salamanca, as well.

    Salamanca is a little off the beaten track, but worth the visit (I hear).

    If you only have time to stop for a few photos...Segovia is less than half an hour off the major highway, and good for a couple of shots.

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    There are no further many extensive cities between the direction Madrid - Barcelona. you are going to be able to prefer to substantiate Zaragoza interior the journey that your prepare stops everywhere close. it relatively is a eye-catching city (approximately 3 hours a great way off from Barcelona) and it relatively is no longer massive, so which you will locate it in one day. regardless of the reality that, in case you have no longer have been given any further have been given lots time, i might extremely bypass directly to Barcelona. there are incredibly some stuff to substantiate there.

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