How is it legal to buy antidepressants from online pharmacies without a prescription?

some online pharmacies offer antidepressants without a prescription.......

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  • 7 years ago
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    It isn't legal, but it's a common practice. The online pharmacies you speak of are all outside the United States, so there is little risk to them. All the risk goes to the buyer, but even that is negligible because it has been impossible for the government to prevent most shipments. When they do catch them, they usually send a warning letter to the intended recipient and nothing more.

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    Legal Antidepressants

  • Slava
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  • Bob B
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    7 years ago

    It isn't legal, it's just rather difficult to enforce.

    Most of these pharmacies are located overseas and so are difficult to prosecute and shut down; doing so would require referring the case to law enforcement wherever the pharmacy is located, getting an extradition order, and so forth- for the most part, it's simply too complicated and not worth it over an online pharmacy.

    Likewise, with the amount of material passing through US borders every day, only so much of it can be inspected, so unfortunately a lot gets through.

    Needless to say, a lot of medication from online pharmacies is made to somewhat dubious standards, and its safety cannot be guaranteed.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It isn't. Those "pharmacies" are operating outside of the law, and there are no regulations on what they do. So they could say they were selling you an antidepressant, but in reality it could be absolutely anything.

  • otking
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    7 years ago

    Even in the UK I'm sure you cannot go to a chemist and ask for anti depressants. Who informed you that you are suffering from depression? If it was a doctor he would prescribe the necessary medication. You may be experiencing some underlying problem that is not associated with depression.

  • Jo
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    7 years ago

    Name one....

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