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A Letter to My Pen Pal

Your pen pal has sent you a letter telling you about her and her country.Write her a letter in not less than 130 words.You can tell her about yourself,your family,your school ,and perhaps your living place,Hong Kong


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    dear My Pen Pal:

    how are you?

    thanks you that sending letter to me!i feel pleasantly surprised!your souvenirs is

    nice!the chocolate is delicious.and the doll is cute too!

    Today i spend the day with my cousins May,she is live in England,she will go

    to Hong Kong for one days.

    Today,i am happy that i can go to Disneyland with my cousins,we do many things there,such as watching parades,buying souvenirs and going on rides.i bought a

    doll for you,it is your favorite cartoon character, Stitch.i think you will like it!i will

    give the doll to you when we meet next time.

    i hope you will have a great time!


    (your name)


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    I had received your letter.I live in _________________________________________now in H.K

    I study in_________school. I have a lot of friends.Maybe I can introduce them to you sometimes when you come to H.K I know how to knit now after you teach me while we were _________ing.

    Next time when you come to H.K , I will also take you to H.K two amusement park'Disneyland'and'Ocean Park'

    Write back soon!

    Best wishers ,


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