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Coldplay Clocks music notes?

Like i am wondering the music notes for the beginning instrumental of Coldplay-Clocks, please do not give me any music sheet links, i really am wondering the actual note "letters" (i cant read music sheets lol) please help though xD thanks.

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    First of all, PLEASE abandon those dreadful letter note thingies right away and learn to read sheet music properly already from the start. Letters NEVER tell you which C to press, they NEVER tell you how the rhythms go, and they NEVER tell you anything about the dynamics of the piece. As three-year-olds can and DO learn to read sheet music, I do not see ANY reasons why you could not learn that skill as well.

    Secondly, as this music is COPYRIGHTED, it means that ALL sorts of fan-made tabs, tutorials, letter/number note thingies, sheet music scans and transcripts are not only ILLEGAL, but also very often both INCORRECT and INCOMPLETE. Therefore, you MUST either buy the sheet music or borrow it from the library. Having no money/credit card is NEVER an excuse to breach the copyright law anyway.

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    Coldplay Clocks Instrumental

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    Eb \ Bb \ G / Eb \ Bb \ G / Eb \ G /

    Db \ Ab \ F / Db \ Ab \ F / Db \ Ab /

    Db \ Ab \ F / Db \ Ab \ F / Db \ Ab /

    C \ Ab \ Eb / C \ Ab \ Eb / C \ Ab /

    Then repeat

    Every back slash means the next note is down

    Every forward slash means the next note is up

    Use the following link to view how to best write what I'm saying on paper so that it's more obvious and easier to remember.

    Source(s): Music Education degree from BGSU
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