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O rings keep falling off? help?

Question. I just got the swirl gauges. They go from a 16g to an 8g. I have thr O rings but they keep falling off of the back and the swirl keeps moving around. No. I don't need to go larger because I'm in the middle of the swirl. Its tight, just not secure. Any tips or tricks? Thanks.

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    Swirl gauges are just meant to help with stretching and aren't actually meant to be worn long term because they can cause your ear to stretch unevenly. I would just suggest being careful until you can switch other plugs in.

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    when you tighten the O ring you have to use 2 pairs of pliers. One pair to hold the O ring and 1 to move the other side perpendicular back & forth until it meet to other side tightly. It's hard to explain, I wish I could show you. if you just cinch it, it pops back open, you have to move the wire side to side towards the other end. good luck

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