Xbox says "service alert" and won't sign into live?

My Xbox can't sign onto live but says "service alert" on my test connection.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    ive been seeing like 20 questions within the past 5 minutes of people saying they cant sign in because of a service alert, this is good and bad, its good because now you know the problem is not your xbox or internet connection, its bad because it means microsoft is updating something so the live servers will be down for a while

    note: i just shhut down my xbox but before that i was connected to live, and now i cant connect... so its definintly just microsoft has the servers down to do some sort of update

    k i was just able to get back online again, so try getting on again

  • 3 years ago

    Do not worry guys, xbox are having problem with there servers, i have multiple xboxs and its seems to be occuring for all of them, I also asked my associates and they too can't connect, the marketplace aint the crisis I think they're simply fixing a number of bits on the second. Yes that is frustrating but well simply have to wait it out purpose nobody but is aware of when good be back on-line!

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