What sci fi game would you want made?

Same question.

What kind of sci fi video game would you like to see made? What are you tired of?

For example, are you tired of dystopian themed video games and want more space opera? Or vice-versa?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Wow...there are a lot of sci-fi games that I would really love but think they never would be made.

    For one, I really wish that someone could make a replica of the OASIS in Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. If you haven't read Ready Player One, the OASIS is a virtual simulation world so real but full of sci-fi fantasy and action and stuff--but you can also use it for business too. (Please read Ready Player One. I'm sorry I didn't describe the OASIS well, but there's just so much info on it...)

    Some other things I would like are like a walking example of a book with you as the main character. I don't see a lot of those around and I would really like a few ones based off mangas (or anime if you want to call it that...). For example, I know that Kuro no Alice has a game--in fact the manga was based off the game, weirdly enough--but say, other stories like more complex versions of Little Red Riding Hood or the Twelve Dancing Princesses...or even a more grown-up Thumbelina sort of game where you have to find your way home or something...

    Games I'm tired of...I really get tired of those "escape from the room" games, because those are rather tiring and make little or no sense. If you're talking about sci-fi games, I really get tired of low-quality-graphics RPG's. If someone's going to make an RPG, make the graphics attractive at least.

    I actually find dystopia games interesting, but you're right; there are so many of them. I'm sure that if there's a kick in there, then they can be fun.

    Hope I helped. Are you planning on making a sci-fi game? :)

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