Why is it OK for TV to exploit people with mental issues such as Gary Busey who suffers from a brain injury?

I can't believe how many shows use people who suffer from obvious mental illness or injury as entertainment. I couldn't watch American Idol because it regularly featured mentally ill or impaired people during the try-out phase. How is this OK?

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  • Lynn
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    7 years ago
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    It was Gary Busey's decision to go on TV. That's not exploitation. That's capitalism. Why do you think people with mental issues can't try to make big money?

    And, if you are against it, why are you watching? Honestly? The only thing I know is apparently Gary Busey is on that Donald Trump show again and American Idol is still on. It's like hard-bristle and medium-bristle toothbrushes. There is no good in them, but people buy them anyway, so the manufacturer profits from their choices. This wouldn't even be an issue for you if you weren't helping the companies profit.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Your previous answers do make a valid point. But that's because their own comprehension is in tact and "normal".

    But unfortunately, people with mental illness, learning disabilities,are far more vulnerable, because they do not have the same understanding, and thereby are always at risk of being exploited.

    Their framework of life is far different to healthy people. They believe and trust as a child does.

    But because they are considered to be of an adult age, the penalties for exploiting them are virtually non existent.

    Yes many people who do not have mental or learning disabilities make fools of themselves. But they do do it knowing the consequences, ridicule, and choose to exploit themselves nonetheless.

    But mental illness, learning disability,does not give the same thought of reasoning, or contradictions.

    If a blind man went to cross the road in front of a lorry, would a seeing pedestrian help him to do the safest thing, and show him the way? Yes, most decent seeing people would. The only difference is, blindness can be seen by others. Mental illness, and learning disability does not carry a white stick, wear dark glasses, have a guide dog, or wear a bandage.

    The stigma of mental illness, mental disability is not as severe or ostracized as it once was.

    But there is still a long way to go.

    And it's still used as a source of entertainment and mockery. Not only on the reality shows, but also in life generally. Through ignorance, fear, lack of thought, selfish gain, etc.

    Having said that, if a basic care and protection package is placed and followed through, and the interests and welfare of the individual with a disability made the primary concern, then and only then can it be a worthwhile cause. That benefits the individual. As in the case of Susan Boyle. Though such successes are rare.

    All participants of the reality shows, perform for the producers, well before being chosen to then appear on the televised auditions on stage. And this is why it hits below the belt. When their capabilities are well known beforehand, yet still they're chosen to perform for the public.

    But of course, if all people with a mental illness, or learning disability were denied the right to perform because of their vulnerability, then that could also be seen and viewed as discrimination.

    It just needs to be fair. And common sense used. But life is never fair. And common sense goes out of the window, when it comes to entertainment, and viewing figures.

    And there by the grace go the rest of us.

  • gearon
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    3 years ago

    Coleman has an excessive amount of emotional baggage from childhood abuse that has effected his intellect and persona in a poor approach. Any one he spends time with would emerge as being nothing greater than a psychologist as he sat there and cried. Busey would simply pass out after a self involved rant. He's in general impotent anyway, simply seem at him, he is pathetic. I might have to selected Busey.

  • 7 years ago

    Gary has been in show business since he was a kid and is not as mentally disabled as you think. If you pay attention, he actually says things that are quite smart sometimes. He is eccentric, but I don't think anyone is taking advantage of him. He is laughing all the way to the bank. I'm actually going to miss him when he goes since he is interesting and has more of a personality than a lot of the other ones.

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  • Judith
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    7 years ago

    They aren't exploiting Gary Busey. He's put himself out there. If he didn't want people to know how crazy he is then he shouldn't be on a reality show and should just limit himself to scripted appearances.

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