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Ever had your heart broken? By what sun sign&what is yours?

I'm an aries and this aqua boy seems to have "taken my heart" so to speak and he doesn't give a **** about me

I've also been hurt terribly by a pisces

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    8 years ago
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    Yes, by an Aries guy that I was really in love with for years. He broke my heart numerous times! I'm grateful for that though because I'm much stronger now and I'm more cautious and careful with who I give my heart to.

    Source(s): I'm a Leo with Aquarius Moon and Gemini Venus.
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    8 years ago

    About 4yrs ago a Pisces guy broke my heart. Looking back, I'm glad he dumped me, because I don't think I would've been strong enough to leave the abusive relationship. Yes, he was emotionally abusive. He always belittled everything I did. He was always putting me down, and making me depressed. He was a Pisces sun, Pisces moon, Aries venus.

    About 2.5yrs ago a Aquarius broke my heart, or maybe I broke his? I'm not really sure. He wasn't mean, or abusive. In fact he was the nicest guy I've ever known. He was truly my best friend, but his feelings changed, as did mine. And we kind of just parted. He was an Aquarius sun, Aries moon, Pisces venus

    I'm a Leo sun, Capricorn moon, Virgo venus

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    8 years ago

    A bunch of sort of numbed out to being hurt. I have to remind myself that the average person is very sensitive, and they cant handle what i can. Thus lead to many ideas. But from what i know, women do get hurt more often than men. Men kinda avoid the whole gettimg hurt process. Most will flip out at the slightest disrespect....theyre kind of a contradiction in itself, since u kmow how they behave.....

    Scorpio sun

    Libra moon

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    I'm a Cancer with Sag rising sign. Once many years ago a Gemini broke my heart. She basically lied to me the whole time we were together. In general I tend to be very wary of air signs for relationships. I have many air sign friends and that's fine because I never get that deep with friends and air signs tend to be very witty but for relationships I usually stick with water, earth or fire signs. That's just me though.

    Source(s): My experience
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