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AP biology questions?

Next year ill be in 10 grade and I want to take an online AP biology class instead of regular biology. Ive heard that the biology AP test is one of the hardest AP tests there is. I figured id be fine cause currently im ranked in top 20 out of 650. If youve taken or are taking this class please give me some advice and info on what this class is really about.

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    I'd really recommend taking chemistry before AP Bio, because for us, it's a requirement and it would make life much easier. This class starts out with stuff we already learned, like Darwin's Theory of Evolution, and goes in depth and tells us why this theory is accepted and other theories from before. There's also a chemistry unit (which is why chem is helpful), and I forgen exactly what we learn... anyway, there's also a whole unit of DNA and it's structure and how DNA replicates and all that fun stuff... photosynthesis... osmosis... animo acids... right now, we just finished genetics and we're on spring break! Anyway. there's a huge unit on mitosis and meiosis and reproduction, and it's really hard. If you study, it's ok, but I would recommend taking chemistry before AP bio a lot. Seriously, do it.

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