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How should a ten year old lose weight that is overweight?

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    The best way is to just change the way you eat and the way you live in general... this is called "life-style change".

    1) Become a lot more physically active - maybe join a sport or go biking and swimming and playing outside a lot: just get your butt moving and have fun at the same time (because if its not fun, you won't keep it up: it will be a "chore"!).

    2) Be sure to get enough sleep at night: at least 8 hours. This will help you lose weight because if you are well-rested you will have more energy!!

    3) Drink lots of water. This will also give you more energy and make you feel better all-round. Your pee should be nearly clear, all the time: that;s the best way to tell if you are drinking enough water (NOT juice or pop or milk.... clean, pure water. If the tap water where you live isn't good, then have your mom get a good water filter - Brita or something like that - that makes water taste good. Herbal tea (ie, the kinds with no caffeine in them) are also good for getting enough water into your system - or something like Crystal Light, that turns water into a drink, but with no calories.

    4) Eat healthy: cut out snacks completely for starters: only eat at meal times. If you are hungry, have some water. After a while, you won't get hungry between meals, because your body will learn that it only gets food at mealtimes!! Don't drink juice or soda-pop: these add up and are like snacks. DO eat lots of fruits and veggies: this will help you lose weight as well. Eat whole wheat bread, pasta (like sphaghetti) and stuff, instead of things made with white flour.

    These "life-style changes" will definitely help you lose weight, as well as feel more healthy and filled with energy!!

    Source(s): Been studying this kind of stuff for 40 years.
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    large breakfast (eggs and greek yogurt) a small salad (for lunch) a fruit for snack and dinner likr pasta with little amount of sauce and some fruits or veggies

    Source(s): im 11 and i dropped six lbs in 9 days by barley eating anything
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