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Can someone explain to me what does mind over matter means?

The title says it all. And give me an example of what it is too.

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    Hi Michael,

    We've known for a long time that our biological and psychological processes are part of an overall system. Changes in one part can influence and cause changes in other parts. That's the nature of any system. There's a whole field in psychology called neuro-linguistic programing which involves manipulating mental images to affect our feelings. An example of the mind-body connection in psychology is the relationship between how we're feeling and our behavior. We know that how we feel influences how we behave. If you're depressed and unhappy you tend to behave differently then if your happy and care-free. One treatment for mild to moderate depression is to have patients ACT as though they were happy. Smiling, laughing, maintaining eye-contact, etc. After a while we find that feelings of depression tend to lift and we start feeling better. So THINKING about ACTING happy can cause us to CHANGE how we ACT and thereby influence how we FEEL... Mind over matter. Regards.

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    Sometimes we can convince our mind or use our mind to cover the truth. Or our mind plays tricks or illusions that hide the truth.

    Example: its a cold cold cold day but I can wear a tshirt and shorts because of "mind over matter" I think about a hot summer beach in mexico!

    Another example: a test is difficult but really it is percieved to be difficult because your mind already convinced itself that it is. But really, its just a simple quiz.

    Hope that helps

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    If you are trying to do something particularly difficult, you use your mind to figure out how to solve the problem you are in. An example would be: changing the brakes on your car, it can be a difficult task for some people but you have to use your mind to help you figure out how to complete the task efficiently. Hope this helps!

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    Think before you do

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