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In The Darknes 1 video game what are the names of the hard rock songs that play on the TV's in the Subways?

In the game called The Darkness there's a few TV's in the subways ( don't judge me) but does anyone know the name of the hard rock songs,? I would like to watch the music videos on youtube, but I don't remember any of the names of the songs, and I'd rather not go clear into town to buy the game just to watch music videos in the game. I know this is weird but nobody is perfect. I'd prefer no cutt downs, I'm embarrassed enough as it is to ask this silly question.

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    This chick does not think it's a stupid question at all.

    Lots of times video games use awesome soundtracks. Games like 'Need For Speed' even used well known bands for their cut scenes and to play on their radio stations in the cars during gameplay.

    I know, after playing 'Devil May Cry 4', I went in search of its soundtrack - which after much searching I was able to find and purchase :-) I don't think 'The Darkness' has all its song on one CD like DMC4 does, but I was able to find a listing of songs and artists.

    Two soundtracks that you might also like (movie not games):

    'The Crow' (original movie)

    'Point Break'

    'THE DARKNESS' SOUNDTRACK according to Wikipedia:

    Original music for the game was written by Gustaf Grefberg, a full-time audio designer at Starbreeze. Other than the credits theme, which is by Mike Patton's Tomahawk project, it is the only music actually playing during the game.

    The unrelated licensed soundtrack includes:

    "Try" – The 21st Impact

    "7 Days" – Acid House Kings

    "Say Yes If You Love Me" – Acid House Kings

    "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" – Blinded Colony

    "Riverbank" – Pelle Carlberg

    "Open Casket (edit)" – Closer

    "Grind & Rewind" – Defleshed

    "Black and White" – Down and Away

    "Shoot It In" – The Duskfall

    "Zon" – dyF1.6

    "A Nice Day" – El Caco

    "Substitute" – El Caco

    "Die Toten Core" – F.K.Ü.

    "Forever Train" – Frame

    "I, Deviant" – Insense

    "Pure and White" – Joy Serene

    "Lucky Star" – The Legends

    "Last Injection" – M.A.N.

    "The Hunt" – man.machine.industry

    "To Hell and Back" – man.machine.industry

    "Cruci-Fiction in Space" – Marilyn Manson

    "Later That Night" – Path Of No Return

    "Empty Threats" – Searing I

    "Die 5 Times Times 5" – South Ambulance

    "Going Down" – Sparzanza

    "It Won't Stop Bleeding" – Stained Red

    "Captain Midnight" – Tomahawk

    "Rendered In Vain" – Zonaria

    "Summer's End (To Kill A Mockingbird)" – Elmer Bernstein

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    no longer something incorrect with 80s hair band ( Van halen, Pantera , particularly insurrection, Snider and twisted sister, Skid Row, Ratt , Bon Jovi, Cindarella, Saxon, Dokken, Def Lepard.......) i do in comparison to poison however for some reason or yet another.

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