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Girlfriend won't text back.. What to say?

Okay so my girlfriend is gone for the weekend and I've tried texting and calling her a few times today but no answer/text back.

It's about time to go to bed and I want to text her something to kinda let her know that I'm a little aggravated but I don't want to sound annoying because I've already unsuccesfully tried getting in touch with her today.

What could I say to make her think "damn, I think he's mad :( "

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    8 years ago

    I used my boyfriends first name when I didn't hear from him last week. He hadn't contacted me for two days and in other relationships that wouldn't be weird but with him we are always talking. I never ever ever call him by his first name so he knows if I use it I'm either mad or upset. The text I sent was along the lines of "Evans I'm worried about you but I just want you to know I love you, I hope you're okay and have a goodnight" Obviously I still love him I was worried, and evidently I was rightfully worried. He had gotten himself into some trouble. Regardless it was subtle but he said "As soon as I read that you called me Evans I knew my *** was in trouble."

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    Just don't text her anymore tonight, wait to see if she will call you see how long it will take her!!!! That will say a lot.....

  • 8 years ago

    Don't get too obsessed with that, I mean she might be busy.

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