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Does attending a Senior Military College give you an advantage in a military career?

I am wanting to make a career out of being a Naval Officer and I was curious that if I attended a Senior Military College (which I am planning on doing) if i would have an advantage over regular ROTC graduates. Because from what I understand that typically service academy graduates are favored for promotions and job positions so does that same advantage apply for SMC grads or are the same level as regular ROTC grads. Its not that an officer is superior or better than another because of where he went to school its just that like I said, I have heard that education can impact you chances of advancement.

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    Nope. Not at all.

    After you get commissioned, no one gives a flying f*ck where or how you got commissioned.

    It will be up to YOU to prove or disprove every preconceived notion about new O-1s.

    And that is where your future advancement lies. Your own personal performance. Not where you went to school.

    Not only that..but you will be promoted along with your peer group..known as a Year group (YG). Which is everyone that got commissioned the same year you did. You all will get promoted along the same time line. And you all will get promoted pretty much equally up to O-3. After that it is competitive and is based on YOUR prior duty performance.

    Source(s): Me, a US Army Officer, 24 years in the US Army so far, 9 of those years enlisted
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    Army Rotc Cadets at SMC have a certain advantage since they are guaranteed an active duty commission even if they are below the active duty cutoff line on the order of Merit. In terms of whether there is an advantage to being service academy commissioned, common sense kind of indicates that when 20% of officers in any service branch have a common bond by being alumni of West Point, Usna etc and the other 80% have a common school tie with a far smaller percentage of fellow officers, the service academy graduates are more likely to have fellow alums wherever they are stationed, whenever they are going for a promotion etc This is no different than what transpires with the graduates of any university in a certain area, organization etc. Since certain SMC such as A&M commission a lot of officers, there is to a certain extent a better chance to have almuni ties than another officer who commissioned at a university with a smaller Rotc/Nrotc program. This cn continue after the service.


    Good Luck!

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    Academy grads used to have all kinds of perks. They were known as "ring knockers", at least in the Army. In the Army they were automatically in the "regular Army". Meaning they couldn't be forced out due to draw downs. And if I recall RA status automatically allows them to complete 20 years and retire, regardless of pay grade. All other officers, even on active duty, were considered reserve officers and had to compete for RA status upon making major. People also looked out for them and promotions did come easier, as did favored assignments. And I'm not sure if they still do, but West Point used to hold their graduation ceremonies slightly earlier than other colleges. That way the cadets got their commissions earlier so their date of rank would always, all throughout their careers, put them slightly ahead of their peers. At least as far as date of rank goes. All that stuff ended LONG ago. Academy grads now have to compete for RA status like everyone else. Education most certainly DOES, not just "can", impact advancement. However, where this education came from is all but irrelevant these days.

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    In contrast with other colleges and universities: "Under full or total mobilization, the Secretary of the Army may withdraw the ROTC detachments without giving prior notice to the academic institution. The establishment of new SROTC detachments will not be authorized after full mobilization has been declared." All MS-IV cadets at the senior military colleges will be commissioned and directed to attend the proper officers basic course (OBC). At other colleges, ROTC programs will be suspended and the cadre will immediately be available for reassignment.

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    All branches of the protection rigidity have fairly solid education reward. The military's presently providing 16 credit hours of one hundred% practise suggestions, after the 16 you get approx seventy 5% of your practise coated. you also get loose CLEP tests and DANTES tests. i'm no longer useful yet i believe that clep credit won't be able to be placed in the course of a bachelor's degree. you'll also receive credit in accordance on your rank and pastime distinctiveness. regrettably on the on the spot family contributors time and protection rigidity service are frequently mutually unique. previously you connect the protection rigidity you want to have a family contributors care plan filed that states who will preserve your infant once you set up for a couple of minutes(decrease than 30 days) and for lengthy deployments besides. in case you connect the military you does no longer be able to take any dependents with you to an overseas places accountability station until eventually you had done the rank of E-4 or larger. and there are some bases that you heavily isn't able to take dependents in any respect. universal the existence of a unmarried discern in the protection rigidity is complete of sacrifice and compromise. i desire this facilitates.

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    If you attend an SMC, you're guaranteed an active duty commission. Not so in normal ROTC programs.

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